Sunday, April 20, 2008

putting things in perpective...

Sunday morning... Wife & kids are away.... I took advantage to bicycle to the beach, and then take a good walk.

That gives me a bit of perspective, since this past year has been mentally confusing.

I tend to just brush off reality, and get deeper into exploring the Linux world to fill the gap. But walking alone on the beach on a Sunday morning for an hour and a half helps.

The problem I mostly can't deal with is the noise. I live in the Dominican part of the village. Despite being a tropical paradise, it is also a very noisy Carribean "barrio". People tend to play very loud music (merengue, bachata, reggaeton) all the time. They speak loud, and there's a lot of traffic (motos, cars...).

I slowly grew to use ear-plugs, but it is not efficient enough. I need something that really cuts the noise. I don't have the funds (nor the will) to build a "soundproof" house, but I have to soudproof somehow... Anyway, my house is well located because it is downtown, and I have my workshop right there... It is cheap, efficient, it works... That is why I am brainstorming about soundproofing my own ears, which is the "easy" way.

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