Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Hardy controversy

As I read in Planète Béranger about Hardy´s shortcoming, it makes me wonder...

I am (as you could realise) a Debianista at heart.

But I gave Hardy a try (still use it now), because the opportunity came, and I had no sound with the 2.6.18 kernel from Debian Stable.

As stated before, we Gnu/Linux users should know first hand the Ubunut world, as regular folks, Mac & Windows users have a tendency to believe that Linux IS Ubuntu. As of me, I still believe there´s no such thing as Debian Stable.

Anyway, here´s what I wrote @ Béranger´s:

"Caraibes - Today at 11:40:50 GMT

Actually, I also was surprised by that "root" free access (!!!!!)

After a great day with a fancy "desktop effects" Hardy, I shut down the PC. When I came back, it simply would not log in. GDM, and nothing more... In cli, it would not startx...

So I did the recovery mode. I am glad it exists. There's a "fix X" option, which worked well. It basically made back to a functional desktop, without the proprietary Nvidia drivers, which seems to have been the cause of the bug... I plan to stick with the free drivers for a while, until some updates fix this disturbing issue.

As of the root access... Bad... -Maybe there's a way to make it ask for a password ? Feel free to post ideas here :)

Anyway, overall, not that bad... I plan to write a bit more in my blog:

"cough" (shameless announcement) "cough""

And also:

"Caraibes - Today at 11:56:14 GMT

All those bugs are annoying... I would definitely have kept Debian Stable on my "new" main box, if it wasn't for that "fancier" Nvidia integrated sound card that doesn't work with a 2.6.18 kernel...

For some reason, I was experimenting many Iceweasel and Gtk apps crashes in Debian Testing... Wondering if it was because of the proprietary Nvidia video drivers on an amd64 system.

I am sticking to 32bits distro now (on my amd64 cpu...)... If Hardy really sucks that bad after a week (I have to give a chance to potential updates to fix issues...), I'll go back to Debian Testing, but 32 bits...

Anyway, experimenting is good. We are talking about the "poster child" of the Gnu/Linux universe, whether we like it or not... We better know first hand how it works..."

I am reproducing those here, as it gives an idea of my state of mind...

Anyway, the bottom line is to give some time to this spanking new release, I might set up a dual-boot with Debian Testing... More later, or tomorrow...

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