Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My feelings, after all...

Ok, it's only been 2 days with Slackware, but it keeps on being a "PITA"...

I mean, there's no internationalization! Apart from KDE, everything is in English, plain and simple !

I found some stuff in Italian, but that doesn't really help me, as I need French & Spanish...

Also, I managed to get my usb drives to "automount" following this guide:


But it didn't help when I plugged in a friend's Ipod (I don't own any of those...).

Anyway, I just happened to boot back in Hardy, and everything looks nicer, more polished, easier... I am definitely one of those "lazy users", as I tend to enjoy when things "just work"...

I'll keep this Slackware partition, to keep on experimenting, and implementing tips that I am sure I will learn along the way, but I am such a Debianista, and tonight, I know why...

My next experiment will be with Arch (2nd try...)


Anonymous said...

What the guy says on Mutaku.com is not necessarily something that you must do.

When I created my user account in Slackware, I pressed the UP arrow when asked about the extra groups, ans I added myself to all those extra groups.

Then, at the end of the install, you are asked at some point about the services you wanted to be started (supposed you did a pretty much 'complete' install). If you missed that, run 'pkgtool' once again.

1. Select "Setup":

2. Select "services":

3. Enable hald and messagebus:

You see, you may use "GUI tools" (ncurses, actually) instead of plain CLI commands even in Slackware! :-)

What I wanted to say is that USB sticks worked "out-of-the-box" on my Slack 12.1 installation, because of what I was choosing during the install.

Tropical Swim said...

Thanks for the tip ! Actually this Slack experience is fullfiling its mission: I am learning new tricks !!!